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Process Research


Your website purpose amongst many other things is to create awareness online for your company and what you do. Ultimately selling your products and getting you new customers. So that's where we need to start, researching who your customers are, or could be, what makes them tick and where they live online.

My process

Process Planning


This very important step sets the whole stage for the rest of the project, we will combine minds and run through all of your requirements from the miniscule to the massive they are all important. For example the pages you require, what you need them to do, the levels of control you need and a whole lot more. My prescription is that this should be carried out over a couple cups of coffee on Skype or in person.

My process

Process Design


This is where I turn what we have discussed in the planning stage into a reality bringing all of our discussions and sketches together into a visual presentation for you to proof. You will be sent a link to the online proof section of my website where you can see your flat design and we can exchange comments regarding amendments and changes ending in sign off when you are happy will all aspects of the design.

My process

Process Development


Now it's over to me, your design is now signed off and it's time for me to get coding and turn that flat design into a working website that is ready to delight both you and your customers.

My process

Process Launch


The development is all done and we are ready for lift off, this is where I will prepare your website for the viewing public. A final once over of every page and a double check of optimisation and I will remove the landing page and submit the website to google for indexing.

My process

Process Post launch

Post launch

Now your website's live it's time for me to hand over the reigns, this is where the training comes in. We will have a session either over Skype or in person to run through all the elements of your website, how you can update and maintain them and any opportunities for expansion.

Second day rowing with @GhystonSoftware was amazing, I love being in the water 🚣‍♀️ however it is possible my legs are about to fall off!

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