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Why your website has the need for speed

Who likes waiting for anything these days, speed can be the difference between keeping a customer happy or turning them off to your brand entirely just look at Amazon Prime they prove that people will pay for the privilege of speed. ... read more

What makes a good meta description

The meta description is a tag in the head section of the HTML that gives a summary of the pages content, search engines will use this in their results so this is a brilliant opportunity to entice a click through out of the searcher. ... read more

A beginners guide to writing a good title tag

A crash course in writing a good title tag from a web designer who makes a living out of working in design with mainly imagery. ... read more

Captains log January 2017

I'm sat there on the bus thinking I want to do more of a regular feature on my blog, and after a few, I'm going to be honest, pretty sketchy ideas I landed on this gem of an idea! A captains log why the hell had I not thought of that before! So get comfy friends and let's go on a journey! ... read more

5 common web design mistakes to avoid

The true mark of a great website design is not only in the designer and the client being happy with their new pride and joy but a big percentage lies with the users themselves ... read more

What are HTML meta tags

Meta tags are used to display metadata about the HTML page and are used predominantly to give the page a title and description. ... read more

5 reasons to backup your website

Websites tend to be forgotten when it comes to insurance, you wouldn't leave the door to your office unlocked overnight, your till open or your laptop in a coffee shop ... read more

Google start mobile-first indexing

With mobile leading the charge of users search it's time for change and Google is going to serve us up just that. ... read more

Wordpress 4.6 "Pepper" is here

Version 4.6 of the beloved Wordpress is now available for download from or you can update from within your dashboard. Code named "Pepper" in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, which let's be fair is pretty awesome. ... read more

Why use web analytics?

Here's a little intro to Google Analytics to get you better acquainted with this brilliant application ... read more