A beginners guide to writing a good title tag

Oct 29, 2019

A beginners guide to writing a good title tag

A crash course in writing a good title tag from a web designer who makes a living out of working in design with mainly imagery. I’m not going to lie to you, Geoffrey Chaucer I am most certainly not, but what I do know is good SEO practice and the anatomy of a top notch title tag, so lets get started.

Firstly lets break it down into where the title tag is actually going to be seen, thats pretty easy, it will be in a few key places - the browser and the search engine results, a short list I grant you but a damn important one. The browser needs no introduction so lets tackle the big bear; the search engine results, we all want our websites to be found, what's the use of having an amazing website if nobody can find it. The titles main purpose is to give context to the page, using it to give a brief outline of the content and should include the phrase you hope to rank for. Google will use the page title when crawling your page to get a flavour for the content within, if it then goes on to crawl the page and the content is completely unrelated you may not rank at all.

This is your typical search result in Google:

This is your typical search result in Google

Using my website as an example you can see that the first part of the title gives an overview of what the user can expect to read about if they click that link, also including “web design” as this is the target for this page and secondly gives my company name to reinforce branding. This can seem like a simple recipe for success but it can be easily overlooked or missed. If you refer to your product as “snow goggles” on the page itself this should be consistent in the title along with your company name. The title itself carries no character limit however, depending on device the title can be cut short so I tend to keep within 60 characters.

And there it is, your crash course to writing a good title tag. Now getting your titles lined up with your content and your SEO goals is a must, it's not going to catapult you to the top of the rankings but it's also not going to hurt, happy title writing!