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An introduction to Google Analytics

May 03, 2016

An introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably one of the biggest and best website analytics platforms available to us today, the added bonus is that it is free to use which just makes the offer all the more appealing!

As it's awesome and free there aren't many reasons not to be using it. So I have put together a little introduction to Google Analytics so you can become better acquainted.

The history of Google Analytics

Google Analytics started its life when Google acquired Urchin Software back in 2005 and released their first Google branded version in November 2005 to anyone who wanted to join, however the new software tickled a lot of people's fancies and new sign-ups were suspended only a week later when the service was made invite only. Along came 2006 and with it the great news that more capacity was added and it was open to everyone yet again. Skip forward to 2011 and Google Analytics really started adding to the arsenal with multiple dashboards, c ustom reporting and a tonne more. 2012 hit and the latest, greatest version was released entitled Universal Analytics. The big differences in this bad boy are the cross platform tracking; collecting data from any device include websites and mobile apps.

Why should you use Google Analytics?

Analytics is a super powerful tracking application. It enables you to really get to grips with the number of users on your website and drill down so much further than that. It presents you with a whole tonne of data, some more useful than others but that really depends on what you are using it for. The true benefit that it brings to your website is you can make sure what you are doing is working, see how many people are reading that new blog you have just posted or on the flip-side: if nobody has read it. Seeing these can either make your day or shatter it but the big point here is that having this info gives you the insight to know what's happening and change it, leading you to be able to investigate why people haven't read it and act on it. Overall Google helps you nurture all the hard work you put into your website with amazing tracking and truly insightful data.

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