Captains log January 2017

Oct 29, 2019

Captains log January 2017

I'm sat there on the bus thinking I want to do more of a regular feature on my blog, and after a few, I'm going to be honest, pretty sketchy ideas I landed on this gem of an idea! A captains log why the hell had I not thought of that before! So get comfy friends and let's go on a journey!

2017 is here, I have just been lucky enough to have my first christmas with our little man and it has been amazing busy as all Christmases are but sitting and opening presents with him and Becca on Chrismtas morning was a moment I will always remember. So it's a new year and a new start but don't get me wrong I am 100% not buying into this "new year, new me" bull shit! If I haven't changed something up to this point 2017 coming bowling in sure as hell isn't going to make me change it. That being said though I do want to start this new year fresh and ready to take on whatever it throws at me, 2016 was absolutely amazing and super hard in equal measure so I am ready for you 2017!

So what the hell did January bring to the table, personally for me it was a month for getting back to business, as Christmas disappears over the horizon it's time to get stuff in gear again and crack on, one big thing on the list is the hunt for a new van! Our poor old home on wheels sadly gave up the ghost at the end of last year so we are on the hunt for a new one. The master plan is to take the heart and soul out of the old one and put it into a new shell, a shell that more importantly starts and moves, something the old one can't quite seem to handle anymore. I have made a promise to myself, Becca and Robin that one way or another I will get us a van moving again so watch this space.

On a more global scale Trump has some how made his way into the hot seat and through the doors of the White House, watching the inauguration was nothing short of painful, I kept expecting somebody to jump out laughing there ass off and shout gotcha! But alas it is not a joke, but what we do have to believe in is the strength of the people united are stronger than anything and never to be underestimated! As Anti-Flag said "The people united, will never be defeated!"

So there it is people a short but sweet taste of my life in January.

Speak soon!