Facebook reactions are coming

Oct 29, 2019

Facebook reactions are coming

Your Facebook timeline is about to get a small change that will make a big impact! After months of testing in a handful of countries across the globe Facebook will release reactions to the rest of its users. Soon we will all be introduced to the five new animated emjoi to help us express ourselves on Facebook. By long pressing or hovering if you are on desktop the new lineup pops up and we are greeted with "love", "haha", "wow", "sad" and "angry" all in the form of carefully designed emoji.

The journey to build reactions stared over a year ago in response to feedback from a lot of Facebook users, I have seen tons of comments on Facebook asking for a dislike button. Reactions is an amazing response to this feedback, simply adding a dislike button would be a really negative approach for Facebook to take so taking the time to craft something as user friendly and well designed as reactions was a brilliant move.

Morally reactions is in my opinion a great answer to a really difficult problem, with 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook the like button is now no longer enough for user to express themselves fast when reading a post and many posts just don't call for for a like, "Just failed my driving test" LIKE! Not so sure that works.

To go along with the challenge of adding in these new reactions without allowing users to spend all day hating on every post they see there was the big old problem of how you fit the spectrum of human emotion into a button without ruining the UI that we have all grown to love. Facebook came up trumps here to, with the simple long ores or hover on the original like button the new emoji show themselves which is so simple yet so beautiful, pulling off a good hover effect on mobile has always been difficult and reactions has nailed it. To sweeten the deal even more the emjoi have some great subtle animations when they arrive on your screen which just makes it even more appealing to start reacting to everything on your timeline.

Each emoji within reactions has been painstaking designed and that really shows, each one conveying it's intended emotion in beautiful simplicity with a well thought UI to go along with it. I think reactions will be a huge hit with Facebook users, the time is here people to spread to the love online!