Giants of software development

Oct 29, 2019

Giants of software development

Here marks the beginning of a new career chapter, I’m staying in design, settle down I’m not leaving that! You will have to pry my cold dead fingers from that many years from now. I’m leaving the world of Cloud Computing in Bath and heading for Software Development in Bristol, I know really far away right!

I’m joining the team at Ghyston to design bespoke software and it’s going to be awesome! Ghyston work for various clients in different sectors making custom written software, which is super exciting for me. I’ve been working in house with one brand for a few years so I’m really looking forward to moving into a role where I get the chance to work with different clients, varied brands and design styles.

My first job when I get started on the 10th of May is to work with the Ghyston brand to get the new website designed, built and out into the world which is my happy place so I’m really looking forward to that!

Time to get stuck into some UI design

Over and out!