Google start mobile-first indexing

Oct 29, 2019

Google start mobile-first indexing

We all know website users are searching their favourite sites across the web on an array of devices and have been for some time, this part is nothing new. However with mobile leading the charge of user search it's time for change and Google is going to serve us up just that.

Currently Google crawls our friend the World Wide Web looking at the desktop version of a pages content to evaluate its relevance to the searching user. Now that most people are searching on mobile this causes a problem for Google when the mobile page contains less content than the desktop page. Their algorithm isn't evaluating the actual page that is seen by the mobile searcher, this is bad form as the mobile user could then bounce from the page. Googles main aim always has been to provide the searcher with the most relevant and useful content so they are now running tests to primarily use the mobile version of a website content to rank that website.

So what does that mean for your website?

If you have a responsive site or a dynamically serving site and the important content and markup feature across devices especially mobile, then the answer my friend is nothing!

If this isn't the case for your site then don't worry! Here are a few suggested moves; firstly a responsive website. That's a small sentence but a damn big job depending on the size of your site. This doesn't mean your overall design needs to change but some overhaul on the code would be on the cards. Secondly when you have a mobile site then making sure your structured data and top notch content are showing on mobile is your next step.

This change doesn't mean that if you only have a desktop site that it will drop out of Googles index like a stone, they will still keep indexing your site but what the impact will be on your search rankings is currently a big unknown.

If you would like help tackling any of these changes or just want to chat to see how this is going to affect your site then get in touch, I'm happy to help.