My Adventure to Google HQ in London

Oct 29, 2019

My Adventure to Google HQ in London

Every trip I have ever taken to London seems to fly by as if I have been thrown through a series of public transport and great landmarks then I'm back at my desk before I know it! This trip was no exception.

While caught up in the whirlwind that is our nations' great capital I was lucky enough to visit Google HQ for a series of talks presented by Google and Periscopix. Now as I'm sure every modern human does when having never visited somewhere before I naturally 'Googled' it. The blogs and images that confronted me in my results got me so eager to get there, talks of the Velourmptious snug, the Granny's Flat and the Lala Library can't really have any other effect on you other than excitement!

Having been a Web Designer for nearly five years now I have quite obviously spent a great deal of time working with Google products and staring into the data abyss of Google Analytics so to get the chance to visit Google HQ to hear from industry experts was a great experience to say the least. First off, I have to mention the fantastic talks I was lucky to attend, the connection between human psychology, marketing and Website Design is something that truly fascinates me, hence the career path I have chosen, to spend a day hearing from some really forward thinking people was incredible and left me feeling truly inspired.

As if this wasn't enough - Google's London HQ is insane! after all the pictures and posts I had read before hand, the real thing didn't disappoint! The mixture of the sheer scale of the office and the attention to detail is something I have never seen before. Branded water bottles and numerous technology lining the walls left me in a daze.

I was seen to be running around frantically just before we had to leave to catch our train home snapping as many photos as I could, It was definitely a geek-and-proud moment!