My Oracle modern marketing experience

Oct 29, 2019

My Oracle modern marketing experience
2016-02-12 12:38:38

I'm sitting on the train returning from Oracle's big event in London; the modern marketing experience 2015. As I am really new to using Eloqua this was some what of a baptism of fire for me, but I entered open minded and ready to learn. After only recently starting to get properly stuck in, I wanted to soak up as much information as I could to help me use this extensive tool. The first thing I noticed as I entered the glitzy Hilton metropole was that this was a hugely popular event, people had travelled from all over this floating rock of ours to be there, the second thing was that all of these well travelled people really love Oracle's marketing cloud. Over the course of the three days my eyes were opened to the sheer amount of tools that includes. As a new-comer it was amazing to see so many people that were so passionate about what they do, oracle have created a real culture around the event and ultimately the product, all these people are true and loyal fans.

The products themselves that make up the marketing cloud are fantastic and seem to be developing and growing at a strong pace, the amount of tech that you can have at your fingertips to effectively target your prospects and customers was mind blowing. For me, as a designer, I was very impressed with the capability to serve customers with not just personalisation but a whole personal experience tailored to them, with designs that meet their needs and find them where they spend their time online. The three day event was truly massive and I could ramble on about the in's and outs of every talk I attended but I shall attempt to sum it up. Most importantly the biggest message I got from the whole conference is that the marketing cloud enables you to do a wide range of things that used to be merely a dream for anyone working in marketing, it helps you treat your customers exactly how they should be treated and to be honest how I'm sure we would all want to be treated; like people, individuals with specific needs and habits.

Overall an awesome trip, and I am returning with a head full of information after some Oracle hospitality