Our first step on the property ladder

Sep 05, 2017

Our first step on the property ladder

After all these years we are finally here, about to step through the front door of our first home! It been a long road to get here so I will wind the clock back a few years and start from the beginning.

Becca and I have always wanted our own house for as long as I can remember, I can't put an exact date on it but it has always been in our minds that we were putting little bits of money back to buy our own house. We have lived together for a long time and I have loved every minute of it, we have rented at least four different flats and houses around the Taunton area and to be honest some of them have been horrendous! Not wanting to go into to much detail but there were night storage heaters, drunken neighbours and ladies advancing in years but for some reason wearing nothing more than a jumper, and I mean nothing more!

Anyway after swiftly shaking my head from side to side to hopefully dislodge that memory I shall continue. Weirdly I think one of the very first things that made me realise we needed to own our own place was a humble shelf, one day in the first flat we rented together we decided to give the dreary place a bit of a make over and realised very quickly that our landlords were not best pleased with change of any sort and couldn't quite get their head around he idea of us needing a shelf in the bedroom to put some books on. We had many long conversations trying to turn that round but I guess they weren't big readers! And that moment sparked off huge change for us we moved out of very cold flat, which as I'm thinking about it was so crazy I think it will need a post of its own, and into a house just outside of Taunton. That was a definite upgrade but didn't come without its problems, like the small print in the contract that mentioned the owners daughter could move in whenever she wanted with no notice to name just one. Thankfully now that is all in the past and I am definitely not going to dwell on the negatives, every place we have lived so far has had its own quirks and flaws but they have all added to fun and the stories. More importantly they led us to where we are now, they spurred us on to change something and to aim for what we wanted. Now we are here stepping through the door of our own home, something that's ours together and it's amazing. Plus it has one hell of a garden! I'm no carpenter but I think we could build a mini ramp out there.

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