The EU referendum in or out?

Oct 29, 2019

The EU referendum in or out?

Here we are everyone, the day before the polling stations open and the Xs hit the boxes for the EU referendum, unless you, like me voted by post, the wonders of snail mail! So the big question is are you in or are you out? or in the words of the great Mick Jones:

Lets start at the begining

Why is there a referendum being held in the first place?

Cameron originally promised to hold one if he won the general election, he has since been under pressure from MPs with his own crew along with the dark lords of the sith over at UKIP basically arguing that we have lost most of the control in our daily lives and overall the EU were just big bad bullies. So the stage is set so who are our contestants? There are a lot of people in nice clothes saying a lot of things but which side do they stand on?

Who wants the UK to leave the EU?

Obviously taking us out of the equation here we get our say tomorrow, even though the latest polls say we're pretty evenly split. In the red corner to leave the EU we have the dark lords of the sith, sorry I mean the UK Independance party, around half of the Conservative MPs and a sprinkling of Labour MPs are all in favour of leaving the EU.

The guys in the red corner are also know as Brexit, smashing Britain and exit I see what they did there!

Why do they want us to pack our bags and hit the road from the EU?

  • The EU imposes too many rules on business
  • We are charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees
  • They want Britain to take back full control of its borders and reduce the number of people coming here to live and or work, basically not taking kindly to "free movement"
  • They object to the idea of an "ever closer union"

Who wants the UK to stay in the EU?

In the blue corner the man in number 10 himself Prime Minister David Cameron along with sixteen members of his cabinet. The conservative party itself has pledged to stay neutral. The Labour Party, SNP and the Lib Dems are all game for staying in. Barak Obama also waded in with his opinion and he wants us to remain in the EU.

Why do they want us to stay?

  • Trade in other EU countries is easier
  • Immigrants help to fuel economic growth and pay for public services
  • Our status in the wider world would be damaged by leaving, we are quite a small island afterall
  • Jobs would be lost if we leave - Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs.

My two pence worth

Now these are by no means all of the points involved, as I mentioned before a lot of points have been raised and some very loud noises have been made.

Every vote counts and every voice matters so whats my two pence worth? It is my blog after all. For starters the more I read, watch or listen to from both sides of the campaign the more I started searching for actual facts! Yes we pay a lot of money to be in the EU, more than I will ever see in a life time but there has also been some claims have been made about what would be done with that money, putting it into the NHS was one, I would love to believe that but do I think its true? Fuck no!

Without falling into the trap of going through every little point in intense detail I want to keep it brief, something doesn't feel right about leaving, it feels uncertain and to be fair a bit of a gamble, backed up mostly by a bunch of "possible" things that "could" happen. Now I like a risk as much as the next guy, I have spent my whole life as a "different" person living on the periferals of what is considered to be normality but this one doesn't sit right with me. I have found it hard listening to a lot of the leave campaign as it feels like scaremongering mostly about immigration, people coming into our country and taking our things like kids in a playground.

So for what its worth you can count me in!