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Why use web analytics?

Aug 08, 2016

Why use web analytics?

Web analytics are immensely powerful and when used right they can be a valuable asset to any business' digital presence and marketing. Really there is no wrong way to use web analytics but there is the right way for your business with such a vast tool at your finger tips. The trick is finding the information that is useful to you.

So you know what web analytics are but why should you use them? The answer to that question I shall deliver in the form of a good old-fashioned metaphor. Let's say you own a shop on the high street of your nearest city or town, you're going to crack open the doors to that shop in the morning and let your customers come rolling in. Now I would imagine that one of the first things you're going to do when you see a customer is ask them "can I help you with anything?", that question there is the very start of answering the question of why to use web analytics. You are basically asking the users of your website that same question, obviously without actually asking it. By asking that question you're going to learn what your customer is looking for and how you can help to match your offering to what they need. Web analytics is doing exactly this, amongst tons of other things for your website. By tracking a users entry point to your website with the journey that follows you can start to build a picture of whether you are offering the content that your customers are looking for and if you are, well done you! And if you're not, then now you know and you can set to creating that content.

This is obviously a very simplified explanation of such a powerful tool but it's a great way to picture your website in a real life scenario. Your website is your 24 hour shop front so should be treated exactly the same.

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