Why your website has the need for speed

Oct 29, 2019

Why your website has the need for speed

Who likes waiting for anything these days, speed can be the difference between keeping a customer happy or turning them off to your brand entirely just look at Amazon Prime they prove that people will pay for the privilege of speed.

So how does this translate into your website?

Well there’s two things to consider when talking about a websites speed:

  • as it always should be is the user. If your users can’t access the information they want on your website because it takes too long to load it’s only going to end in tears, and they will not be yours. The user will inevitably get frustrated and bounce back to where the came from and start looking for the information somewhere else. Then the tears are yours!
  • Is our friend google, always looking over our shoulder quietly judging but for good reason. Google want to make search the best it can be for its users so they don’t want to send people from their search results to a slow website that is going to get people frustrated. Because of this they will find you and they will penalise you dropping you down the search rankings in favour of faster websites.

A great tool to measure the speed of your website is Google Page Speed Insights try it out I would love to hear how everyone is doing!