Wordpress 4.6 "Pepper" is here

Oct 29, 2019

Wordpress 4.6

Version 4.6 of the beloved Wordpress is now available for download from Wordpress.org or you can update from within your dashboard. Code named "Pepper" in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, which let's be fair is pretty awesome.

So what's this lovely little update going to mean for your day to day on your website?

Drafts are saved locally to your browser

So your editing your page in Wordpress and bang, your internet connection is gone, who knows, you have gone through a tunnel on the train or some kind of furry beast has eaten the cable but your edits are gone now right? Wrong my good friend! Wordpress has got your back, your edits are saved locally to your browser so when you get back to editing Wordpress will inform you of the newer version and the magic is complete.

Native fonts for the Wordpress dashboard

Your Wordpress dashboard will now use the native fonts from your operating system, not only is this pleasing to the eye for someone like me who likes a bit of consistency but it also means faster load times and an overall better performance.

Inline link checker

Nobody likes a broken hyperlink, not you, not your Nan and certainly not Google, broken links are bad for SEO karma man! But it's ok Wordpress has your back yet again, the Wordpress inline link checker will check your link for you, make sure it's all hunky dory and let you know if it's not.

There's also a lot of great improvements behind the scenes of this bad boy so if your a fellow geek like me head over to the Wordpress website and check it out for yourself.